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Abandoned limekilns of Moravský kras
  • Difficulty: low
  • Length: 13 km
  • Elevation: 430 m
  • Start and end: Sloup, c. Blansko

The remains of three important limekilns in Moravský kras: Velká Dohoda, Malá Dohoda and Sloup. The limekilns were built in the 1930s, and they operated for half a century. Today, you can admire the special beauty of their typical red chimneys.

Velká Dohoda (The Big Agreement) was a group of 9 lime-kilning families from a nearby village Lipovec. In 1928, they built the largest and technologically most advanced limekiln in the Moravsky kras.

In fifty years, they produced more than million tons of lime (the lime stone came from the nearby stone-pit). The stone-pit was recently transformed into Adrenalin Centre. The attractions include via ferratas that are placed directly on the walls of the stone-pit.

Malá Dohoda (The Small Agreement) was a competitive grouping. Lime was burnt here until the 1970, when the limekiln was closed. Today, the limekiln Malá Dohoda is a technical monument of the South Moravian region.

Not much remained from Sloup, the last limekiln. Yet, its half-broken red chimney is beautifully hidden in a forest, and definitely worth visiting.

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Limekiln Velká Dohoda: you can enter the Complex Velká Dohoda (prior to Lipovec)
Limekiln Malá Dohoda: park in Holštejn village
LImekiln Sloup: on the entry to Sloup, direction from Ostrov u Macochy

www.velkadohoda-moravskykras.cz (Přírodní areál Velká Dohoda)

49.4146756N, 16.7397014E (Sloup, Blansko county)

How to get there

By bus to Sloup, Blansko county

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