​Tour de Fishpond

The most beautiful fishponds of the Třeboň region.
  • Ideal for: bicycle
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Length: 65 km
  • Elevation: 66km
  • Start and end: Třeboň

The pond-packed route, passing by tens of fish ponds, from the small romantic ones to the world’s largest one.

Rožmberk, the world’s largest fishpond is of course the major attraction on the route. It covers over 600 hectares, is up to 6,2 meters deep and its dam is 2,4 km long. The 400-year old oaks growing right on the pond dam make for a spectacular avenue, through which you will pass.

Surprisingly perhaps, Rožmberk is only about half of its original size. When it was build in the 16th century, it extended up to Třeboň. However, the water level was decreased to lower the risks of floods, as well as to improve fish breeding (the carp prefer shallow water). Many of the smaller, very romantic ponds that you will pass by on your route, are the remains of the original supersized Rožmberk.

OUR TIP. There is small bistro right on the pond dam. It looks rather “ordinary”, but the smoked fish we had there was a total delicacy.

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Schematická mapa výletu


  1. Start: Třeboň, main square

  2. 1

    9,2 km on blue trail to Hodějov-rybník

  3. 2

    1,6 km on yellow trail to Smítka, hájenka

  4. 3

    2,7 km on red trail through the Rožmberk's dam, then 2,6 km by road to Lužnice, cross the Lužnice River and turn left to the red trail. 17 km on the red trail to Veselí.

  5. 4

    14 km on yellow trail to Smržov

  6. 5

    4 km on red trail to Horní Slověnice

  7. 6

    12 km on the green trail to Třeboň

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Information center Třeboň, Masarykovo námesti 103, 379 01 Třeboň, Tel.: +420 384 721 169 |


49°0'14.943"N, 14°46'23.291"E (Parking place next to Třeboň center)


By bus or by train to Třeboň. Třeboň-Lázně is the closest train station.

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