​From Třeboň to Chlum

The South Bohemian countryside, and a tasty fish
  • Ideal for: bike
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Length: 39 km
  • Elevation: 580 m
  • Start and end: Třeboň

Easy ride offers a bit of everything that Třeboň region has to offer. Including a great fish from a lakeside bistro.

Fishponds, the meandering Lužnice River, meadows and pine-woods, idyllic South Bohemian villages and the little town Chlum with a long narrow bench over the lake. In short, you will see a little of everything from the Třeboň region.

The real reason of this trip, however, is a lakeside bistro „Občerstvení U Sumečka“, where you will get served a delicious fish straight from the pond. Besides local carp and trout you can try also some exotic fish, for example from the Titicaca Lake. The fish is prepared in line with traditional old Bohemian traditions and secret poacher recipes.

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Schematická mapa výletu


  1. Start: Třeboň, main square

  2. 1

    9,5 km on green trail to Dlouhý most

  3. 2

    1,8 km on yellow trail to Starý Hospodář, rybník

  4. 3

    7,1 km on red trail to Chlum u Třeboně

  5. 4

    4,5 km on blue trail to Staňkov (Bistro Občerstvení U Sumečka is on the left side, some 20 m downhill)

  6. 5

    17 km on yelllow trail to Třeboň

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Restaurace U Sumečka

Open: April-October, 11-23 h | Staňkov 16, 378 04 Chlum u Třeboně | +420 606 931 876 |


Information center Třeboň, Masarykovo námesti 103, 379 01 Třeboň, +420 384 721 169 |


49°0'14.943"N, 14°46'23.291"E (Parking next to the center of Třeboň)

How to get there

By bus or by train to Třeboň (train station Třeboň-Lázně)

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