Highwayman’s trail to Mala Fatra’s most beautiful valley
  • Difficulty: medium
  • Lenght: 5 km
  • Elevation: 580 m
  • Start: Tiesňavy, Terchová
  • End: Terchová, okr. Žilina

Adventurous trail to the most beautiful valley of Malá Fatra, with bizarre limestone formations and spectacular views.

Limestone formations Tiesňavy are the entry gate into the Vrátna Valley. They formed as water persistently washed away the limestone from the surface. Set your imagination free, and you will spot Monk, Camel, Crocodile, Janošík’s bed or Pipe organs among the rocks.

Highwayman’s trail (the blue trail) will take you from Tiesňavy to Obšívanka Valley, the most beautiful valley in Malá Fatra, with white rocks, and a strong climatic inversion. Thanks to that, the climate in the valley resembles high mountains, despite its low altitude. Scrub pine thus grows here already at 660 m above the sea. You wont¨ find at such low altitude anywhere else.

Some parts of the trail will be pretty steep, and you will need to use a few rock chains and ladders. However, no special technical skills are required. As long as the path is dry, even kids can comfortably make it.

ATTENTION: The trail between Obšívanka and Malé nocľahy is closed between 1.3. do 15.6. due to nature conservation reasons.

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  1. Start: Tiesňavy (off Terchová village, direction Vrátna)

    There is a parking place just next to the start

  2. 1

    3,3 km on the blue trail to Obšívanka

  3. 2

    1,7 km on yellow trail to Terchová

    You can return to the beginning of the trail by road from Terchová, direction Vrátna. It is approximately 1,5 km.

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Take bus from Žilina to Terchová, then walk 1,5 km to Tiesňavy (direction Vrátna), where the trail begins. If your bus continues to Vrátna or Štefanová, get off at the next stop, Terchová - Vrátňanská cesta. If unsure, ask the bus driver for advice.


49.2450894N, 19.0385247E - Parking place at the beginning of the trail, in Tiesňavy


Information Sevice Terchová www.ztt.sk, +421 41 5695 307 | Mountain service Malá Fatra www.hzs.sk, +421 41 5695232


Don't forget the insurance for the mountains -  standard insurance does not cover mountain service rescue action.

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