Divoká Šárka

Rocks and steppe grass right in Prague
  • Difficulty: low
  • Length: 2-19 km
  • Elevation: 590 m
  • Start / end: Divoká Šárka, tram stop

A large park only 20 minutes from the city center. Quiet valley with a creek, forests and beautiful rock formations; on the hill steppe meadows with possibly the greatest picnic spot in the town.

The park is ideal for walks, joking or cycling, bathing in summer (natural reservoir Džbán or swimming pool), and cross-country skiing and ice-skating in winter. There are several marked tracks for walking and for cycling. In the very eastern part of the park, next to the Baba Ruin, you can enjoy a great view of Prague and Vltava River.

Divoká Šárka (meaning the Wilde Šárka) is a natural reserve thanks to the steppe grass fields that stretch over the rocky hill-slopes. On the top of the hill, there are remains of an ancient Slavic settlement (hradiště).

The great thing about Šárka is that you can spend here the whole day or just an hour. Immediately after entering the park you will leave the city rush behind. Yet, returning back could not be easier - just take a bus or a tram from the right side of the park.

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Schematická mapa výletu


  1. Start: Tram stop Divoká Šárka

  2. 1

    Follow the red trail. The whole route around the park is 19 km. However, you can take shortcut at several points (also, there are many tram and bus stop on the left side of the park).

  3. Show the whole trail
DESCRIPTION: For the easiest route to the top of the hill follow the red trail, passing the Džbán Reservoir and uphill. Turn left and soon you are there.



50.0929961N, 14.3221858E - Parking space next to McDonald's


Tram or bus to Divoká Šárka

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