Archeoskanzen Živá Voda

From the life of a Great Moravian village
  • Ideal for: kids, people interested in traditions and handicrafts
  • Opened: March-October
  • Where: Modrá, Uh. Hradiště

Explore the life realities of people of the 9th-century Great Moravia. 

There are areas dedicated to farming, governing, religious and educational purposes, and a fortification. There is also a replica, as well as remains of the St. John Church from the 9th century, which was declared the cultural monument of the Czech Republic.

There are production floors, experimental areas, and archery training areas, even a cattle-range. You can try your own skills (such as kick wheeling), or just observe what is going on around (including the goats :)).

Special performances are quite frequent here, from the educational to artistic. You may also witness some experimental iron melting or pottery production.

Archeoskanzen is based on real archaeological findings. The archeological research still continues here.

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March-April: TUE-SUN: 9-16 h | May-October: Daily 9-17 h | November-February: by request only


Modrá (Village), Modrá 170 68706 Velehrad


70 Kč / 50 Kč, families: 150 Kč - details in


Bus to Modrá, or to Velehrad. From Velehrad, you need to walk for 1,5 km


49.1027483N, 17.4082494E (The parking place next to the museum, Modrá, county Uherské Hradiště)

Info | + 420 724 178 591, +420 777 807 368

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